Behaviour Support Team

What we do
Sutton Behaviour Support Team (BST) works closely with members of school staff, and with individuals or groups of pupils in primary schools. The Team is made up of three Behaviour for Learning Specialists who have experience of working with pupils whose behaviour is affecting their learning, or the learning of others. Schools request the support for pupils and for members of staff through the completion of a referral. For pupil support referrals must have signed parental permission. 

Initial assessments include input from staff at school, classroom observation, parents’ comment and any other information that will help provide a full picture of the pupils’ needs. Support takes place in school, during school time, spread over a number of weeks. This can be individually or as part of a group. All interventions are different and planned to suit the identified needs of the individual or group.

Through various activities and conversations pupils reflect on past behaviour and discuss how it affects their learning and that of others. Pupils will be shown strategies to help improve this part of their schooling and given opportunities to practice new skills.

At the end of the intervention BST will complete a report for the school and highlight findings and conclusions as well as making suggestions for future support if appropriate. Pupils may also be given information about activities and opportunities in the local community where further support may be found.

Pupil support and staff training topics could include

  • social skills
  • conflict resolution
  • friendships and relationships
  • bullying
  • transition
  • self-esteem
  • risk taking
  • goal setting

We make it clear to all pupils with whom we work that our discussions are confidential unless we believe they, or someone else, is at risk of harm or breaking the law.

BST also works closely with other agencies to support the pupils, including school nurses and mental health services, all of whom are able to give advice and guidance in a range of areas.

The Behaviour Support team can be contacted on 020 8288 5663.