English as an Additional Language Service

What we do
The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Service Advisory Team supports pupils in Sutton schools who are learning English in addition to their first or home language. This is primarily when they arrive in the UK at any age with little or no English, but also includes when they have become more fluent in spoken English but still need language support to achieve their full academic potential.

The team works across all ages, from early years to KS4, providing both direct pupil support and advice for coordinators, teaching assistants and mainstream teachers on assessment and tracking, prioritisation and intervention, and differentiated teaching and learning strategies and resources. Our aim is to work in partnership with schools to ensure they have accurate profile information and understanding about their EAL pupils, and can advance their acquisition of English in order to accelerate their progress, integration into school life and meaningful access to the curriculum.

The team also supports schools to deliver the home languages reading project, a family learning scheme with a library of bilingual books, story prompts and activities which support active learning.

In addition we offer chargeable training for teachers, teaching assistants and regular coordinators’ network meetings to explore common issues and themes and share expertise across schools. Our training is predominantly school based according to individual requirements but also offered centrally as part of the Sutton/Merton joint CPD programme.