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Sutton Portage Service & PlayWise Learning CIC: For Unique Children

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As of April 1st 2019 Sutton Council will commission PlayWise Learning CIC (Community Interest Company) to deliver the core Sutton Portage Services, which remain free at the point of contact for families. 

PlayWise Learning CIC: For Unique Children will also be providing a range of low cost home interventions to families working with children aged 0 – 8 years, & supporting professionals and nurseries/ schools with hands on direct work via our subscription services.  We will also be offering a range of membership services for families of children with additional needs and disability within our new and exciting community hub.  Membership services include free yoga classes, bitesize training courses, free tea and coffee and chill out area, resource making equipment and a new sensory space.

Please see our website:

Address: PlayWise Hub

Sutton Central Library

St. Nicholas way



Contact Pam on 07736338707 for further information on current and new services.

What is Portage?

Portage is a (term time) home visiting educational home for pre-school children who have special needs/ disability aged 0 – 3 years. It offers a flexible and fun approach to learning. Portage ensures that during the child’s early years, parents/ carers who are the key figures in their child’s care and development, are supported in becoming his/ her best teacher. In partnership with parents the Portage worker will assess the needs of the child, build upon the abilities the child has already acquired, and teach the skills the child has yet to learn. Portage show you how to make learning enjoyable and successful and offer parents/ carers the opportunity to discuss and plan their child’s development. Portage also offers a link for parents/ carers and their children with the transition from home to pre-school.

PlayWise Portage services also offers a range of community based groups and activities that families can attend to gain further support as well as having the opportunity to meet other parents on a similar journey.

How we work

We work in partnership with parents and directly with their child to assess and teach across all areas of a child’s development.

We support children that have two or more areas of additional needs/ delays in their development and work with families in their home.  There are different levels of intervention dependent the amount of nursery/ preschool access your child has.

We also support families with paperwork and referrals as appropriate and can attend appointments with a family if that benefits.

Contact Point,  

Lesley Boys – Portage Administrator: 020 8770 4812

Pam Fry, Portage Manager 077 3633 8707