Early Support Service

CONTACTS - Co-ordination Of Needs, Tracking A Child Through Services

CONTACTS is a multi agency forum where young children’s needs are coordinated and tracked. Its aim is to ensure that your children can access the right services for their needs and that these services are coordinated.

How your child is referred
Any practitioner involved with your family can complete with you, either an early support referral form or a common assessment framework (CAF) form and request discussion in CONTACTS. Signed consent to share information is included in this referral.

At the CONTACTS forum ....
A brief discussion of your child’s needs and an exchange of relevant information will ensure services and resources available for your child are in place. A key worker or lead practitioner will be identified. Please contact them if you have any queries. You will receive a record of a proposed plan for your comments if you so wish.

If the team, lead practitioner or yourself feel that your child needs a more in-depth discussion with all practitioners involved in your child’s care with you as parents and carers present, then a separate meeting would be arranged – this is called a team around the child (formerly impact meeting).

What parents & carers should expect from the CONTACTS meeting:

  • Coordination & tracking of a child’s needs and strengths will be linked to the Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
  • Sharing of information will be as set out in the CAF and stored on a secure and central database within Sutton
  • Family’s individual circumstances will be treated with respect and confidentiality within CONTACTS and any delicate issues will be managed sensitively
  • You will receive a proposed plan
  • If you have any queries or concerns about any aspects of CONTACTS you are welcome to contact either your lead professional or Pam Fry.

Contact Information

Access Point 020 8770 4690 or
Pam Fry on 020 8770 4834, pam.fry@sutton.gov.uk