Early Support Service

Sleep counselling for children and young people with additional needs ages 2-18

Our sleep counsellors have had intensive training by Sleep Scotland and have received accreditation.

The sleep programmes are tailor made for child and family and require an in-depth assessment, home visit from the counsellors and fortnightly visits to sleep clinic for support during the implementation of the programme.

The sleep programmes concentrate on several cognitive-behavioural approaches and depend on working closely with all the team working with your child.

The detailed sleep assessment takes 1.5 – 2 hours.  We ask a lot of questions to build up a picture of your child and his or her sleep history. At this time we also like to see the child’s bedroom, as this is all part of building the picture. With your permission we contact all the professionals involved in your child’s care to see if they have anything to contribute.

At the first visit we will give you a sleep diary to get an accurate picture of your child’s sleep habits. Once the sleep diary is completed we will arrange a meet up to agree together a sleep programme.  We will then contact you fortnightly to monitor the programme and how it is suiting your family.

The programme does involve a lot of commitment from you and your family and can be hard work. However having disturbed nights is exhausting, and this programme is tried and tested with the added benefit that it is tailor made.

For more information contact Access Point on 020 8770 4690