Targeted Education Team

What we do
We offer support to young people who are post 16 and not in education, employment or training (NEET). With the statutory raising of the participation age to 18 by 2017, all young people must be participating in education or training.

We also have a limited early intervention element where we can work with some young people who are at risk of NEET in Year 10 and Year 11.

We have a statutory duty to track the destination of all young people from leaving school to age 19 and ensure there is suitable provision available and they are supported to access it. 

We also run a programme for Teenage parents and provide an outreach worker for teenage parents who are NEET. This programme is accredited and runs all year with a crèche provided on site.

We liaise and work with local colleges, schools, apprenticeship providers and employers to increase opportunities available to young people.

How we work
We work intensively with young people on a one to one who are NEET to break down barriers to engagement and participating. We offer impartial information, advice and guidance looking at certain career paths and look to support them into it. We focus on a range of issues pertinent to that young person which may include mental health, low self esteem, offending behaviour, family breakdown, housing issues etc.

We also offer group works via our employability group work for NEET young people, the Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze award and a weekly information, advice and guidance drop in for young people to access support and if appropriate be assessed for hardship allowance.

How we support schools
We have some resource which focuses on early intervention in some schools offering one to ones and group works with those at risk of becoming NEET and have no planned destination for post 16.

We work with the school to identify those students who need it most.

How we support children and young people
We work predominately with 14-18 year olds and offer a tailor made support package to suit their needs working with them and post 16 education/training providers to find suitable provision.
We aim for them to make a successful transition to adulthood with increased self esteem and confidence.

How we support parents
Where needed we will liaise with the parents to focus on what the young person’s needs are taking into account their thoughts, concerns and wants for their child. We would want them to support their child to access opportunities and encourage sustainability in that placement.

How the service is funded
Local authority funding

Contact point
Integrated Services for Young People- Laura Noulton or Claudette Brown 020 8770 5754
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