Educational Psychology Service

What we do
Sutton Educational Psychology Service (EPS) works with children, young people, families, schools and other practitioners to encourage the educational, social and emotional growth and development of children and young people. The EPS provides guidance and support to schools on a range of issues, including raising the achievement of pupils, particularly those with special educational needs (SEN).

The EPS aims to:

  • promote inclusive policies and practices
  • support families and schools in enabling children and young people to achieve well in their learning and to foster their well being

How we work
Sutton EPS provides a specialist psychological service to schools and other educational settings in Sutton.  The EP will work closely with the Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) in the school or setting to arrange their work, whether commissioned by Sutton Local Authority or the school or setting itself.

The EPS also provides a specialist service  to children and young people with statements of SEN or Education, Health and Care (EHC)  Plans who are Sutton residents but are being educated elsewhere, for example in residential schools

How we support schools
We contribute to improving outcomes for children and young people in schools and other educational settings by:

  • making psychological expertise and understanding available to professionals working with children and young people, especially in schools and early years settings, in line with statutory requirements and local and national policies.
  • providing consultation and advice concerning the SEN of children and young people to parents, teachers and other professionals, enabling them to better understand and meet the needs of this group,
  • providing advice on a wide range of SEN, including specific learning difficulties, general learning difficulties, ADHD, speech and language difficulties, social communication difficulties and ASD, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, and issues arising from mental health needs.
  • providing statutory psychological advice concerning the SEN of children and young people in the context of multi-agency assessments.
  • offering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training in areas where educational psychologists have relevant experience.
  • undertaking some direct therapeutic work with children and young people.

How we support children and young people
Sutton EPS provides support to children and young people by:

  • carrying out assessments of  the special educational needs of children and young people in order to provide clarity any difficulties they may be experiencing, and to advise on appropriate interventions
  • providing advice to schools and other settings, and to children and young people directly,  on how to best enable them to function as well as possible in that setting
  • helping the provision, alongside the child and young person,  to evaluate what is and is not working for that child or young person
  • providing specialist direct support to children and young people, for example, using solution focused brief therapy or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

How we support parents
The Sutton EPS works with parents and schools and other agencies to create and evaluate intervention programmes for individuals and groups of children.
We will visit preschool children, in both homes and preschool settings, and meet with parents to offer direct advice and support with SEN.
Sutton EPS will also  support parents of children and young people who are not attending a schools with regard to their child’s SEN.

How the service is funded
Sutton Local Authority commissions the EPS to provide a service to children with statements of special educational needs or Educational Health and Care Plans.  This includes

  • children and young people  who need an assessment  and psychological advice  to contribute to a new EHC Plan,
  • those whose statements are being converted to EHC Plans,
  • children and young people whose specialist placement is not meeting their needs.

Sutton Local Authority also commissions a measure of early intervention and prevention activities in relation to Sutton residents who have SEN.

Individual schools and further education settings can buy in to Sutton EPS to enhance their access to our service.  Other community settings may also buy into the service.

Contact point
If you have concerns about your child’s SENs, talk to your school or setting special needs coordinator.  You can ask them about involving an EP.  If this is difficult for any reason, we can be contacted at:

Sutton Educational Psychology Service, The Grove, Carshalton, SM5 3AL, tel 020 8770 6780.

Staff qualifications and quality assurance
All educational psychologists employed by the London Borough of Sutton are fully qualified and registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and are qualified to the standards recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Association of Educational Psychologists (AEP).  There is a statutory duty for educational psychologists to engage in continuing professional development to maintain this registration.  Trainee educational psychologists who are enrolled on approved training courses work under the supervision of qualified EPs within the team

We may also employ assistant educational psychologists to work under supervision.

The service provides supervision, training and quality assurance.