Sutton's Future project 2016

Sutton's Future: Budget, spend, and bringing in more money

Budget and spend

The total borough budget for 2017 / 18 is £147.9m. You can see a breakdown of this figure below:

A breakdown of Sutton Council's resources.

We calculate our charge for council tax as follows:

How your council tax is calculated.

Our resources are then spent on:

The services your council tax funds.

Bringing in more money

The pressure on council budgets makes it even more important that we find other money to invest in Sutton to improve the borough and make our local economy thrive. We have been working hard to attract grants from bodies including central government, European Commission, Heritage Lottery Fund and to support private investment in our borough through our economic investment arm Opportunity Sutton.

Attracting Public Investment

Over the past 2 years, Sutton Council successfully bid for more than £8m of grants. They include funding for improvements to Beddington Park, the renovation of Whitehall Museum; to provide a recycling service for flats; to provide greater support for people with dementia; to improve Beddington Park and protect its wildlife; to improve flood defences; to expand our programme to share services with other boroughs; and to improve community safety through our Safer Sutton Partnership with Sutton Police.

Attracting Private Investment

We set up Opportunity Sutton 2 years to bring economic benefits to the borough. By developing Sutton as a great place to do business, we have increased growth, prosperity and jobs. By marketing sites for development and promoting our borough’s investment potential, we have been able to attract more than £330m of planned investment. This has the potential to create more than 1,700 jobs.

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