Councillors, the Mayor, MPs, MEPs and committees

Find my local councillor, MP or MEP

Find your local councillor, MP or MEP along with contact details. Search by post code, name ward or party. Also find out about their membership on outside bodies, their allowances and how to complain about a councillor.

Committee meetings, dates, minutes and recordings

Find details of a committee, the date, the minutes and future meetings. Listen to a recording of a committee meeting.

All about local committees

There are 6 local committees in the borough and each meets up to 4 times a year in the evening at a local venue. Anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough is very welcome to attend. Find out more about local committees.

Have your say at committee meetings

Find out about speaking at meetings, presenting petitions, deputations and more. Also, register to present at a Planning Committee meeting.

Decision making

The Council has a hierarchy of decision-making. Some decisions are reserved to Full Council; some are reserved to standing committees, and some to local committees, some to other committees and panels, and some are delegated to individual employees. Find out about decision making.

Your Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Find out about your Mayor and Deputy Mayor, invite the Mayor to your event and find out about the Mayor's engagements this week.

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