Business rates in detail

Valuation - about your rates bill

All non-domestic property has a rateable value unless it is specifically exempt from rates. Following the 2010 revaluation, the rateable value broadly represents the annual rent the property could have been let for on the open market in 2008. The Valuation Office Agency assesses this. There will be further revaluations every five years to keep the rateable values up to date and so ensure that each ratepayer's bill is fair in relation to others.

How your rateable value affects your bill
To work out your bill, the rateable value is multiplied by a factor known as the "multiplier" or "uniform business rate". This is the amount, which is fixed each year by the government. Between revaluations, the multiplier cannot increase by more each year then the annual rate of inflation (as at the previous September). For 2011-12, the standard multiplier for England is 43.30p. So if, for example, your rateable value were £10,000, the calculation for this year would give a figure of £4,330.00. (before any reliefs and/or transitional arrangements).

If you think your rateable value is wrong, you can apply to the valuation officer to change it. To do this, you will need to make a "proposal" to alter the rating list. (You can obtain forms for this purpose from the valuation officer or lodge an appeal online. If the valuation officer agrees with your proposal, of if you can reach agreement on another figure, the value will be changed. If he does not agree, or the matter is still unresolved after three months, the dispute will be passed to the local valuation tribunal as a formal appeal. However, in many cases it may be possible for an agreement to be reached before the tribunal hearing itself, as discussions can continue.

If you want to make a proposal, you should return a completed proposal form to the local valuation officer:

Bromley Valuation Office, Unicorn House, 28 Elmfield Road, Bromley BR1 1LR


Tel: 03000 501 501

Fax: 03000 506 631.