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Sutton Children’s Services has been on a journey of improvement since it was assessed as inadequate in 2012. 

A 4 week Ofsted inspection in November 2016 to assess services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after, care leavers and reviewing the effectiveness of the Local Safeguarding Children Board concluded that: 

‘Children’s services in Sutton are good. The senior leadership team and elected members are committed and ambitious, and have a clear vision for service improvement. Leaders and managers have worked relentlessly since the previous Ofsted inspections in 2012 and 2013 to strengthen the workforce, and the appointment of permanent heads of service has brought an uncompromising focus on improving the quality of frontline social work practice. Clear expectations and a determination to do the right thing are making children in Sutton safer’. 

Our progress was reconfirmed in 2018, when an Ofsted focused visit into services provided to vulnerable adolescents noted:

The commitment of the London Borough of Sutton to children’s services is clear and demonstrable. There have been continued improvements in the quality of practice for children, despite senior leadership changes. A recent restructure, leading to the integration of early help and children’s social care, with a strong focus on early intervention and prevention, is proving to be effective in reducing risks to children. Restorative practice is being rolled out across the borough and this is resulting in creative approaches to identify vulnerable adolescents and provide effective help for them. Collaboration between services is particularly successful with those children and young people who are harder to engage. Good use of professional expertise informs work with children and families, making a positive difference to these children’s lives.

For further details on the findings of either of the above inspections in Sutton, please see the Ofsted website.