What is the Council Doing?

Sutton Environment Strategy

The Sutton Environment Strategy 2019 - 2025 sets out our ambition to become London's most sustainable borough by 2025. Residents, community groups, the Council and businesses will be working together to deliver this vision using the following chapters within the strategy:

  • Cleaner air
  • A greener borough
  • Using less energy
  • Creating a circular economy
  • Tackling climate change

View the strategy and its action plans here.

The vision

Sutton will be London's most sustainable borough. 

The air will be cleaner as more of us will travel by bike, public transport or on foot. The Borough's green space will be protected and linked to new green spaces, created in areas lacking parks and space for nature conservation. The Council's carbon emissions will fall as will energy use per household. More energy will come from renewable or low-carbon sources, such as solar. Fewer people will live in fuel poverty. Sutton will be a testbed for the circular economy; keeping materials in use at their highest value for as long as possible; through reuse, repair or re-manufaturing. Waste will be reduced. The Borough and particularly vulnerable people will be resilient to the impacts of climate change including heatwaves, droughts and flooding. We will each use less water. Everyone will play their role in reducing their impact on the environment.

The targets

Clean Air

  • By March 2022, 48 per cent of journeys in Sutton will be made by walking, cycling or public transport.
  • By March 2022, 36 per cent of people will be doing 20 minutes of active travel a day. 
  • By December 2021, 24 per cent of Sutton's population will be within 400m of the strategic cycle network. 
  • Develop and deliver an action plan for meeting the national air quality standards as soon as possible.
  • Continue to take action to reduce levels of particulate matter (PM10). 

A Greener Borough

  • No overall reduction of green space in the Borough. 
  • Plant 2,000 trees between 2018 and 2022. 

Using Less Energy

  • The Council's carbon emissions will reduce by 60 per cent by March 2025 from a 2010/11 baseline. 
  • The Council will get all its energy from renewable sources by March 2021.
  • More of the Borough's energy needs will be met from renewable, community or local sources of energy, helping the Borough's carbon emissions to reduce by 40 per cent compared to a 2007 baseline. 

Creating a Cicular Economy

  • Promote recycling and keep Sutton's recycling rate at 50 per cent or higher.
  • Help people throw less away and achieve year on year reductions in the amount of rubbish (residual waste) produced by each household.
  • Help people reduce the amount of avoidable food waste they throw away by 20 per cent by 2025. 

Tackling Climate Change

  • Improve Sutton's score on the Good Food for London report from 18th in 2017 to being in the top quarter of boroughs by 2025.
  • Help people reduce their daily water use from 160 litres in 2018 to 135 litres by 2025.
  • Acheive a year on year reduction in council water consumption, against a 2016 baseline. 


Sutton Council have set out an ambitious action plan in the Environment Strategy to meet the targets set. Learn more about some of the projects being delivered to meet these targets.

Our Performance

Sutton Council monitors its performance against the Environment Strategy's Action Plan and the stand alone Air Quality Action Plan (found on the air quality pages of the council's website). The Environment Strategy Board meets every 6 months to monitor progress. 

Headline achievements since April 2019

Work experience

The Environment Strategy Team welcomes work experience applications from school and university students as well as people who are interested in exploring whether sustainability or local government is a career route for them. We can offer a range of experiences relating to projects and communications activity. This is a year round opportunity and we can be flexible about dates but we do require a minimum two week commitment. Please contact sustainability@sutton.gov.uk if you are interested and would like to know more.