Projects and Initiatives


  • TfL are trialling a new on demand bus service in the borough called 'Go Sutton'
  • You can now hire Brompton folding bicycles in Sutton town centre. For more information and to book a bike, visit the Brompton website.
  • The council has produced a new Air Quality Action Plan, setting out actions it will take to improve air quality across the borough.  

Reducing waste

  • The Sutton nappy cash back scheme is open to families using resuable cloth nappies. Up to £35 cash back is available per application.  
  • Sutton has joined the national Refill revolution and are working in partnership with Successful Sutton and local businesses to provide free water bottle refills at participating locations across the borough. Download the app to find your nearest refill point whilst out and about.
  • In April 2020 the council will be launching 'on the go' recycling points across the borough. 
  • The council is currently working with partners to investigate options to launch a scheme to reuse any left over or unwanted paint. 
  • This year the council has delivered campaigns to help residents reduce food waste and recycle more. Events have taken place on Sutton High Street and in schools across the borough. 
  • The council has launched a new Waste Minimisation Strategy.

Parks and open spaces

  • The SuDS in Sutton Schools project is being delivered in partnership with the South East Rivers Trust. It includes the installation of sustainable drainage measures in a number of Sutton schools to help reduce flooding issues in the local area. 
  • The council has published a new Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

Fairtrade status

  • The Fairtrade Foundation has renewed Sutton's Fairtrade Status for 2019-2020. This work is led by the Sutton Community Fairtrade Group which includes representatives from voluntary groups, churches, schools and businesses in the borough. To find out more about more about Fairtrade in Sutton, products you can purchase and where you can purchase them locally visit Sutton Community Fairtrade Group.

Working with partners

  • London Councils (an organisation which works on behalf of London Boroughs) has issued a joint statement which identifies its committment to working collobratively London Boroughs to tackle climate change and respond to the declared climate emergency. This includes a series of joint projects which Sutton will be part of. 
  • We are working with the South London Partnership on projects that can take place at a sub-regional level to tackle climate change. These include electric vehicle charging and district heat networks
  • We are undertaking a review of our procurement policies to include sustainability requirements. 
  • Led by the South London Partnership, the 'Internet of Things' project is seeking to develop soloutions that will improve peoples lives. The project has recently opened up a call for ideas from students in the local area

Carbon footprint