Recycling news - Introducing Iman, Alex and Matt

Published Thursday, 15th September 2016

Amy Harris, part of our recycling team, introduces 3 Sutton residents who will be updating us on their recycling experiences and ideas.

Last night we met with 3 Sutton residents, Iman, Alex and Matt, to discuss the local environment and how we can encourage people to recycle more.

Iman, Alex and Matt will be part of our team of core collaborators, working with us on our new recycling campaign to:
  • test ideas
  • contribute their own thoughts
  • blog about their experiences
  • represent younger people across the borough

Iman, is a member of the youth parliament and wanted to get involved as she knows that recycling is a national issue, but feels that young people aren’t engaged or represented in the discussion.

Alex, is 17 years old and believes that we have to talk more openly about recycling as it’s one of the core issues that will save our planet for future generations.

Matt has had lots of experience working in many different areas, and wants to use his skills and experience for a good cause. Find out more by reading Alex’s blog post about why he’s passionate about the environment, and his thoughts on how we can get more people recycling in Sutton.

Some of our resident collaborators.

Some of our resident recycling collaborators with Amy Harris of the Sutton Council recycling team.

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