Recycling news - a visit to Viridor’s Material Recycling Plant

Published Tuesday, 20th December 2016

Graham Catt, a local Beddington resident, describes a visit to Viridor’s Material Recycling Plant.


That’s what many people may think about recycling but a recent visit to Viridor’s Material Recycling Plant at Crayford Creek near Dartford made me think quite differently.

If you wondered what happens to your bottles, plastic and paper once it goes into your green bin this is the place to go.

Here it is sorted by noisy machines which separate out the materials before shipping them on to be reprocessed into something new. It surprised me how much unwanted material – such as plastic bags – had to be removed by hand by a gang of workers overseeing a conveyor belt on the machines.

The clear message for me from the visit was that we all need to be careful what we put into the green bin to ensure that we don’t put the wrong stuff in which then has to be removed at great time and expense!

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