Prepare for the weekend and buy a Radar Key today!

Disability rights

Published Friday, 16th June 2017

Prepare for the weekend and buy a Radar Key today!

Be in Control and buy a Radar Key for priority access to over 9000 accessible toilets in the UK.

The National Key Scheme - Opening Doors to Independant Living.

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If you have a health condition or disability, finding an accessible toilet that’s clean, tidy and available for you to use can be a challenge. And they’re often kept locked.

Under Radar’s scheme, special locks are installed on public disabled toilet doors to give disabled people priority access. Local authorities have adopted the scheme and ‘Radar toilets’ can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, stores, bus/train stations and other locations nationwide. Owners of the toilets will have a key but why wait for staff members when you could have your own key?

Don’t risk a cheap copy! Radar locks have very tight tolerances which need accurate keys. A copy may work sometimes or not at all.
Is it worth saving a couple of pounds if you can’t spend a penny?

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