National HIV Testing Week starts on 17 November

National HIV Testing Week, HIV Testing Week, HIV

Published Thursday, 15th November 2018

National HIV Testing Week starts this Saturday (Nov 17)

HIV continues to disproportionately affect specific groups across Sutton and London as a whole. Even though Sutton has one of the lowest rates of HIV in London, people in Sutton are often diagnosed significantly later than other parts of London. This is why testing early and regularly is so important. 

There are LOTS of opportunities for testing in Sutton. It’s quick, easy and can save lives. 

1) Order a home self-sampling kit for free – these can be ordered straight to your home and come in a discreet box.

2) Get tested for free at Sutton Central library every Tuesday (PM) and Wallington Library every Wednesday (PM).

3) Visit your local pharmacy or GP and take a test.

4) Book an appointment or walk-in to one of the sexual health clinics in Sutton with great staff there to help you.

Please do share this information with friends, family or anyone else you know. Let’s continue to give HIV the finger!