Air quality in Sutton: Make sure you have your say on updated methods being used in your area

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Published Friday, 7th December 2018

Draft strategy published this week as consultation gets under way

Because poor air quality in the borough is a major cause for concern for our residents, we are committed to continuing to reduce levels of pollutants in order to protect public health in the borough.

The new Air Quality Action Plan has been drafted and we are seeking your views to help shape and inform the action plan so that we can create a plan that is well-supported.

Cllr Manuel Abellan Chair, Environment & Neighbourhoods Committee, said: “Poor air quality has been rightly described as a public health emergency.

“A recent study has estimated that, across London in 2010, there were approximately 9,400 equivalent premature deaths associated with exposure to air pollution.

“Sutton is committed to improving air quality within its borough and to becoming the greenest borough in London.”

The revised Air Quality Action Plan updates and replaces the previous version that was published in 2013. Since this time, a number of measures have been implemented to improve the borough’s air quality. 

The good news is that the data shows that air quality in the borough is generally improving. For example, in Wallington there has been a 24% reduction in concentrations of nitrogen dioxide and a 2% reduction in particulate matter while the automatic monitoring sites in Beddington have been consistently meeting the air quality objectives.

However, there is no room for complacency.

Cllr Abellan added: “We know that there are still areas in the borough where the Air Quality Objective for nitrogen dioxide is being exceeded. Even low levels of fine particles can impact on health, so although the objectives for this pollutant are being achieved, we want to be ambitious in our aims for delivering further improvements. Although we meet most of the national targets, we should still strive for better. We have, therefore, set tougher targets so that we push ourselves to deliver continuous improvement.”

One of the biggest tasks that we face in the borough is tackling the high levels of car ownership and the heavy reliance on private motor vehicles for short journeys. These journeys can be made on foot or bike, or using public transport for longer distances.

However, we also recognise that we cannot solve the problem of air pollution on our own.

The proposed new Action Plan outlines key areas of policy and proposes a number of actions we can take as an authority to reduce poor air quality.

The key areas include:

* Cleaner Transport
* Delivery Servicing and Freight
* Borough Fleet Actions
* Emissions from Developments and Buildings
* Public Health and Awareness Raising
* Localised Solutions
* Monitoring and Other Core Statutory Duties

You can read the new Air Quality Action Plan before taking part in this survey.
It will only be through the support of the community and everyone playing their part that we can secure real improvements in air quality and protect people’s health for the future.

The consultation will remain open until 6 February.