Local school pupils help police promote speed awareness in Sutton

Pupils from Robin Hood Juniors and Foresters Primary School
Pupils laying down the law

Published Monday, 20th May 2019

Traffic police stepped aside in Sutton to allow school children to lay down the law.

Pupils from Robin Hood Juniors and Foresters Primary School took part in the first two Junior Roadwatch activities of the year as part of ongoing safety campaign. Speeding drivers were given the option of a fine or a speed awareness lecture from the wannabe law enforcers.

Tarik, Year 6 at Robin Hood Juniors, said:

"I found it really exciting - it was so much fun to work with the police. I think one day I would like to be a detective!"

Junior Roadwatch gives primary school children the opportunity to take part in speed awareness engagement in their local community and near their school. Children aged 9 to 11 work with Sutton Council Road Safety Officers and police officers to educate speeding motorists on the importance of road safety.

Eight vehicles were stopped on Foresters Drive - the fastest at 35mph, some 15mph over the speed limit. On Throwley Way a vehicle was also recorded at 43mph and stopped by police during the activity. Unique to Junior Roadwatch is drivers are then faced with a choice of a fine or to receive an educational road safety message from the children. The aims of Junior Roadwatch are to improve road safety on roads in close proximity to primary schools by reducing excessive speeding and educate young children on the importance of road safety

Miss Trumper, Head of Year 6, Robin Hood Juniors said;

“This was such a beneficial activity, not only for the pupils but also for the motorists who were questioned. It was evident from the motorists reactions to the children's questions, that they hadn't fully appreciated what the possible outcome could have been from their speeding. This is something that I would do again with my pupils.”

Cllr Marian James, Chair of People Committee, said:

“This is a great example of delivering on our Keeping People Safe commitments to safeguarding children in and around school, whilst educating drivers and pupils about the importance of road safety. Thanks to our partners across police, schools and TfL for continuing this very worthwhile activity.”

A further roadwatch took place at Foresters Drive, this was supported by school pupils from Foresters Primary School. Events took place on 6 March at Throwley Way, Sutton Town centre and 18 March at Foresters Drive, with more scheduled throughout the year.