Sites in Sutton receive Heritage Plaques


Published Wednesday, 18th December 2019

In partnership with Successful Sutton Business Improvement, Sutton Council is celebrating its locally significant heritage properties within the town centre.

The initiative is part of the Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) and works in partnership to support heritage and promote economic growth across the borough. Nine properties were presented with a memento on 17th December which recognised their local heritage importance and the contribution this makes to Sutton Town Centre. The nine properties presented with a plaque were:

  • The Old Sutton Arcade, Throwley Way 

  • The Grand Parade, 152-164, High Street,

  • 161 High Street, Sutton

  • 265 High Street Sutton

  • 2-8 High Street, Sutton

  • Corner of High Street and Grove Road

  • 43 High Street, Sutton

  • 2-8 Cheam Road, Sutton

  • 84 and 86 High Street, Sutton

Each property received their memento from Councillor Steve Penneck which can be displayed either in the shop window or inside the property.  

Councillor Penneck said, ‘We are delighted that Historic England have granted us Heritage Action Zone Status for our High Street. I hope that in 100 years time, with all the development that is going on, people will look at today’s new blocks and also think they are worthy of preserving as heritage buildings as we do of ours today’. 

Patricia Park at Successful Sutton Business Improvement District said, ‘It has been our pleasure to be part of the work that Historic England have undertaken in the Town Centre. It’s great that we have so many premises which are of historic interest. We will continue to work with Heritage Action Zone Partners around the preservation of these spaces and would encourage businesses to investigate the improvement grants that are available to them as part of the wider project’.

After receiving the plaque the manager of Barclays Johanna Spooner said, ‘It was a pleasure to accept this plaque on behalf of Barclays and the team here at Sutton. It is particularly apt as 2019 marks 125 years since this building first opened its doors. We look forward to supporting our personal and business customers in Sutton for many years to come’.

The properties awarded makeup 9 of 104 locally listed properties protected under the Local Plan Planning Office. Unlike properties which are nationally listed, inclusion on the local list does not change the existing planning controls that already apply to buildings, therefore owners do not have to apply for planning permission when undertaking maintenance on their properties.

Following the Historic Area Assessment evidence, the Council took a review of Sutton High Street Conservation Area. This ensured that all heritage properties and townscape features within the town centre that contribute to the heritage significance are protected and can benefit with improvement when regeneration plans come forward in the future. 

Following a public consultation, the Council extended the Conservation Area boundary and will offer improvement grants to properties within these areas until September 2020. 

For more information:

The first round of improvement works from grants awarded start early in the new year and include improvements to Warrenders and Brasserie Vecherin. If you have a premises and want to find out if any planned future improvements works would be eligible for grant funding, or would simply like to find out more about the project, please contact

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