Helping residents back into employment

Published Friday, 19th March 2021

Councillor Jayne McCoy's column for Sutton Scene, Friday 19 March 2021

Many of our residents may be facing uncertainty about their future employment. Businesses have struggled under the lockdown restrictions and have had to reduce their operations or close completely. Residents who were furloughed will be wondering if there will be a job for them when they return. Many are already out of work as a result of the pandemic.

Data shows that young people have been hit the hardest, but many older people could be finding themselves out of work for the first time too.

But help is at hand. There are still businesses that need staff, opportunities for new ventures and plenty of training opportunities to acquire new skills or brush up on existing ones. Now is the time to consider adding to your skill set so you can apply for a broader range of employment opportunities. The Skills Toolkit is a great way to add an hour of free online learning to your week in order to develop new skills in areas such as coding, maths and business and finance.

Successful Sutton, our Town Centre Business Improvement District, is working with local businesses and the Department for Work & Pensions to offer employment and apprenticeships to young people in Sutton. Look out for the Sutton Job Hub online.

Groundwork is an established trust delivering green initiatives across horticulture, public spaces, urban agriculture, repair and recycling and saving water. They also offer employment and training opportunities for people keen to protect the planet.

Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust are actively recruiting to a range of jobs and apprenticeships locally.

There are special employment support programmes for residents with mental or physical disabilities including Nickel Support and Choice Support.

Local Partners can offer a range of training for construction skills, hospitality, childcare, creative digital media as well as advice and support for small business start up.

For more information visit the council website here.


Kind regards,

Councillor Jayne McCoy