Sutton celebrates another year of A-level student success!

Published Tuesday, 10th August 2021

Sutton’s A-level and BTEC students look set to have had another year of success in 2021 - despite the challenges posed by a second year of lockdown.

Provisional exam results were announced today (Tuesday). Teacher assessments have replaced the usual summer examinations, which were cancelled for the second year running by the Government due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

Sutton schools have achieved a preliminary average A or A* pass grade of 63% - well above the anticipated national figure of 44.3% getting A or A* grades in England - and a preliminary average A* - C pass rate of 95%. Schools across the borough have been celebrating the efforts of their pupils and staff.

Claudia, one of two Head Students at Greenshaw High School, said:

“This year has been mentally challenging. It was a real test of everyone’s perseverance and ambition. In the end I think every one of our Year 13 students deserves the utmost praise for being able to handle studying during a pandemic and also preparing and applying for university. It was really hard and I’m honestly so honoured to have been able to study at a school where there was an amazing support system. I am so proud of us.”

Irhaan, the other Head Student at Greenshaw, said:

“My time at Greenshaw High School was challenged by the pandemic and was a huge test of my qualities as a student and as a person. Establishing a good routine, staying disciplined and supporting one another is what got me and my classmates to the end of the line. It was tough but the constant support and reassurance from the staff at Greenshaw was second to none. I also feel like the pandemic helped us as students to get more in touch with each other regarding our learning. Everyone made a conscious effort to help out one another if any of us were struggling with the work.”

Philip McCullagh, Headteacher at John Fisher School, said:

“We are extremely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such an extraordinary year. Our teachers and support staff members have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress on to further education, employment or training and we are excited about what they can achieve in the future. It is important that we celebrate these achievements particularly under such difficult circumstances. It has been widely reported that the Class of 2021 have suffered more educational disruption than any other year group since the Second World War.”

Nathan Cole, Chair of Sutton Secondary Heads Board, said:

“Students receiving results today were not even halfway through their courses when the first lockdown in March 2020 was announced.  Since that time they have shown remarkable resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges and on this sunny day in Sutton we rightly celebrate their success! In applauding their success, we must also acknowledge the indefatigable efforts of school staff and the all-important support and encouragement of parents and carers. We wish the young people of Sutton every happiness as they begin their new adventures!”

Councillor Marian James, Chair of Sutton Council’s People Committee, said:

“It’s been another disrupted year for Sutton pupils because of Covid-19. This is especially true for those who were meant to take exams but couldn’t for the second year running.

“In spite of this, Sutton pupils can take pride in their amazing achievements against the odds. We are all incredibly proud of them at the Council. Parents and carers have also played a massive part in supporting students this year, especially with learning from home..

“I also want to give huge thanks on behalf of the Council to all Sutton’s teachers, leaders and support staff across schools and settings for their dedication and resilience during this hugely challenging past year.”