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Request replacement bins and boxes

Request replacement wheelie bins, boxes and caddies

Replacing damaged or missing containers 

If one of your containers is damaged or missing, you can order a replacement free of charge. 

Request a replacement bin, box or caddy

Before you start

Requesting a replacement container online is quick and easy:

  • use your postcode to find your property
  • let us know what container you need
  • we’ll arrange for it to be delivered to your home

The container that you need depends on the type of property you live in. 


Containers for large families and residents with medical conditions

If you live in a household of five or more, or you have a medical condition that means you generate additional non-recyclable waste, you can request one additional recycling container or a larger brown wheelie bin for your non-recyclable waste. 

Please call us on 020 8770 5000 to discuss your requirements.