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Report a missed bin collection

Report a missed collection

Waste & recycling collection update

Collections of recycling and general waste continue to be impacted by a national shortage of HGV drivers. We are working with our collection contractor, Veolia, on a daily basis to review driver numbers and put as many crews out as possible. Despite this, some collections are taking place later than scheduled.  

Update: Tuesday 26th October

The availability of drivers fluctuates daily, and Veolia is taking mitigations to complete as many collections as possible. Most kerbside refuse and garden waste are currently being completed on their scheduled day. Some kerbside recycling and communal collection rounds are running one day behind schedule. Please continue to put your bins out for collection on your normal day. 

Today, their priority is to complete yesterday's outstanding collections in the following postcode areas:

  • Recycling in CR0, CR4, SM1, SM5, SM6 and SM7
  • Communal collections in CR0, CR5, CR8, SM6 and SM7

This will have an impact on collections which are scheduled for today. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Collections scheduled for today in the following areas are most likely to be impacted:

  • Recycling in SM1, SM2, SM5 and SM6
  • Communal collections in SM1, SM2, and SM5

Due to fluctuating driver availability, it is expected that the following areas may experience delayed collections tomorrow (27 October)

  • Recycling in KT4, KT17, SM1, SM2, and SM3
  • Communal collections in KT4, KT17, SM1, SM2 and SM3

What to do if your collection has been missed?

  • If your whole street has not been collected - please leave your bins out at the front of your property. The collection crews know your street has not been visited and they will be with you as soon as they can.  Veolia is working to complete all outstanding collections by the end of each week. There is no need to report your collection as missed.
  • If just your property has been missed - please report the missed collection via our website.

Drivers are the backbone of the recycling and waste collection service. Veolia’s teams drive state-of-the-art vehicles, are offered a competitive salary and benefits, and have access to full time and part time opportunities. Anyone interested in driving for the recycling and waste service or starting a new career as an HGV driver can find out more at www.veolia.co.uk/careers

You can use this service to report a missed bin, box or caddy collection.

We’ll arrange for a crew to return within two working days.

Report a missed bin collection

Before you start

A collection will not be re-attempted if your bin, box or caddy:

  • wasn’t put out before 6am on your collection day
  • contained incorrect waste or was too heavy 

Once you’ve reported a missed collection, please leave the bin, box or caddy at the front of your property, close to the pavement but not on it, ready for collection.

When to report a missed collection

Please wait until after 6pm on your collection day to report a missed collection. Our collection crews work until 6pm and they may still be making their way to your property.

Missed collections must be reported within two working days.