With resident surveys consistently identifying on-street parking as one of the issues of most concern to residents in the borough, the council has adopted a borough-wide Parking Strategy.

The parking strategy forms part of Sutton’s overall five-year plan Ambitious for Sutton.

Both plans seek to take a cohesive, cross-borough view of parking options and future-proof Sutton’s parking availability to help residents in the years to come.

Put simply, there are some areas in Sutton where there are simply too many cars and if we don’t do something soon, we will run out of space for everybody to park their car.

Emergency services and waste collection contractors have reported issues gaining access to some streets. Ongoing growth in population with new housing developments, commuter parking pressures and wide-spread dependency on motor vehicle travel in the borough mean that we need to review our parking controls.

For many years, residents have been requesting ad-hoc solutions for their street, which has created displacement to nearby streets and additional requests for parking controls. With more than 300 requests a year for parking restrictions, the road-by-road approach is unsustainable in dealing with Sutton’s parking pressures.

The Parking Strategy consultations seek to take stock of parking across the borough and enable residents to “have their say” on proposals for parking in their streets.

The consultations have been split into three geographical areas and are at differing phases of the three-step consultation process.

Our Parking Consultation process

We are consulting with residents - covering all wards - to understand parking problems across the borough.

The consultations are taking place across three geographical areas.

Geographical Area 1

Affects parts of St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley, Sutton Local areas, Carshalton Central, Sutton South and Belmont and Wallington North

Geographical Area 2

Affects parts of Cheam and Belmont, Carshalton Central, Carshalton South and Clockhouse

Geographical Area 3 

Affects parts of Cheam North, Worcester Park, Beddington and Wallington

There are three stages of consultation for the parking strategy.

Consultation stage 1 - helping us to understand parking problems in your street; we'll then develop design proposals aimed at resolving these issues.

Consultation stage 2 - asking whether you support these design proposals

Consultation stage 3 - undertaking the formal statutory consultation with official Traffic Management Order (TMO) having refined our proposals after stage 2

Once the consultation process has been completed, and if the proposals are agreed, then we will implement solutions for your street.