Sale of Viridor’s landfill and landfill gas business - Council Statement

06 Apr 2022

Waste management company Viridor, who operate the Beddington landfill site and the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), has advised the Council of the sale of its landfill and landfill gas business under the name of Viridor Waste Management Ltd. to Frank Solutions Ltd.

The sale, which was completed late on 31 March 2022, involves the operation and management of over 40 sites across the country, including the Beddington Farmlands landfill site in Sutton but not the Beddington Energy recovery Facility (ERF), which remains within Viridor’s core business. Viridor have explained the sale is part of their strategy of focussing on their core business areas of Energy Recovery and Polymers Reprocessing.

Immediately upon learning of this, the Council has taken steps to understand the consequences for the Council and for the contractual relationships between Viridor, SDEN and the Council.

Viridor has confirmed that the sale included the transfer of all staff and operations, and whilst the commitments and obligations associated with the landfill restoration would remain Viridor’s responsibility, its future management would be carried out by Frank Solutions Ltd.

This includes the commitment to complete the Beddington Farmlands restoration and the creation of an important nature reserve.This also includes the management and supply of heat from the landfill gas engines to the Sutton Decentralised Energy Network (SDEN). The Council has further been assured by Viridor that the business will continue to operate as usual albeit under new ownership.

The Council is seeking written confirmation of these assurances and is taking all the appropriate advice. 

In the meantime, Viridor has provided the following information about the new owner of the business:

“Frank Solutions Limited acts as the holding group of several companies that host a variety of disciplines ranging from landfill engineering and restoration, plant equipment, energy generation and land remediation projects. Alongside their sister companies North East Plant and Urban Remediation - their vision is to deliver positive places for future generations. With considerable expertise in brownfield regeneration, Frank Solutions Limited are passionate about maximising a site's potential, delivering sustainable solutions. 

They currently have four landfills under management and they have significant experience in restoring former brown sites and are keen to expand their business and develop their expertise of managing a wider landfill and landfill gas portfolio. They are pleased to be welcoming our teams, acknowledging the many benefits that our experienced and knowledgeable colleagues will provide them with to help grow their organisation.

Frank Solutions and its subsidiaries are focused on becoming a strategic leader for both the renewable energy infrastructure and production markets in the UK.”