SEND Training and Resources

Training and Development Opportunities and Resources Across the Local Area

Continuing Professional Development and learning is key to those professionals working to improve outcomes for children and young people  with SEND. Sutton provides all SENCO’s with the opportunity to learn, develop and improve, whether you are new to the profession or with many years experience. 

To assist you in accessing SEND courses and learning resources, we have developed a multi-agency learning and development site for anyone who is involved with children, young people and their families in Sutton.  The overall purpose of this site is to provide easy access to the SEND Learning and Development programme and additional external events and learning resources. You can access the multi-agency learning and development site here (external site). Please browse the site and follow the instructions for signing up to any of the relevant courses. 

We hope you will make the most of the training resources available on this site and if any other learning resources are needed or if you have any training queries, please contact

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