A homeshare scheme is when a younger or more able adult lives with an older person or an adult with disabilities as a lodger. Under a Homeshare agreement, the lodger (Homesharer) either lives for free or pays a reduced rent in return for offering a few hours of their time each week to helping the householder with tasks around the house.

A homeshare scheme might be suitable for you if you:

  • have a spare room or rooms in your house
  • want to continue to live in your own home but are struggling with everyday household jobs
  • prefer not to have paid care workers coming to help you in your home
  • already have paid care workers coming to help you, but would like more help and companionship
  • would be reassured to have someone living with you in case of an emergency, particularly at night-time, or to make you feel more secure in your home
  • would like to help someone who is struggling with accommodation costs

The criteria for joining a homeshare scheme differ between different providers. For some, you must own your own home, while others will accept tenants.

Homesharers are able to help with tasks like shopping, housework, gardening, preparing food and providing companionship. However they are not professional care workers so they aren't able to help with personal care or administering medications.

Homeshare providers covering London

These schemes operate strictly outside the control of the London Borough of Sutton and sign up to these schemes is dependent on the operators terms and conditions.

They are not operated or endorsed by the London Borough of Sutton but are housing options for consideration.

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