Sutton's Vision


Sutton's vision for people with SEND states: 

“We are collectively ambitious for our children and young people. Together we want to provide them with the best chances to achieve their best outcomes in life whatever their starting point and prepare them effectively for adulthood.”

Sutton is already a great place to live, work and raise a family. We are ambitious for Sutton. We are working hard to make sure the borough achieves its full potential. 

Following the Local Area SEND inspection in January 2018, the Local Area commissioned a ‘High Needs Block Review’ to look very closely at how we spend the money we receive to meet needs of pupils with SEND - i.e. the High Needs Block.

This Review led to the formation of the Sutton Education Partnership (SEP).  View the Sutton Education Partnership Terms of Reference. The SEP is made up of leaders across different education settings and phases in Sutton to support young people with additional needs more effectively and efficiently.  The SEP has been taking forward the recommendations as to how we could improve the way we use our resources to support young people with additional needs.  

We know this is a long term piece of work: the High Needs Block Review made a number of recommendations about how we should organise the provision that we have in the Borough as well as the processes and practices we use to ensure we meet the needs of young people with SEND as effectively as possible. The delivery of these recommendations now forms our Ambitious for SEND programme.  

In March 2020, the Local Area was revisited by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who recognised that “sufficient progress was being made to improve services.”  This was very positive news and reflected our commitment to improve what we offer our children and young people with SEND. Our work has not finished; there is still much that we plan to do, building on the successes to date.  

The information available in this ‘SENCO’ section of the Local Offer forms part of our ongoing commitment to make clear the processes and systems that underpin our ongoing improvements to SEND services in Sutton. It also lays out how we can all work together to continually improve what we do in the Borough.


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