If you're a resident within Sutton Town Centre CPZ, you can apply for:

  • a resident permit, which allows you to park within the CPZ
  • visitor permits (also called visitor parking vouchers) that allow your visitors to park within the CPZ

You can check our permit eligibility checker.

Where can you park with a permit or voucher?

Both resident permits and visitor's permits (or parking vouchers) include a colour - red, green or blue. 

If you display a permit in your car, you can then park:

  • where the sign says "Permit Holders Only"
  • and shows the colour of your permit (eg G for green, B for blue and R for red)

You can also park;

  • in any Pay and Display bay
  • which has the same coloured zone as your permit
  • before 9am and after 4pm Monday to Friday
  • or all day Saturday and Sunday

Always double check the signs on street before parking.