What is loading?

Loading and unloading involves the continuous movement of heavy or bulky goods to and from a vehicle. Reasonable time is allowed for the checking of paperwork too. However, as soon as the delivery has finished the vehicle must be moved.

Loading time is permitted on single and double yellow lines (up to 40 minutes), providing there is no ban on loading, and in resident and shared-use parking bays and Permit Parking Areas for up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

If more time is required contact us for a dispensation.

When loading/unloading vehicles must not cause an obstruction and should:

  • Never stop where your vehicle will cause an obstruction to traffic or pedestrians
  • Never stop on white zig-zags at pedestrian crossings
  • Never stop on yellow zig-zags outside schools during the operational hours
  • Only park on the pavement if there is no other way the delivery or collection can be made but someone must be left with the vehicle at all times
  • Never load or unload from a suspended parking bay (unless the suspension has been put in place for this specific purpose)

If loading or unloading continuously is not observed the vehicle will be considered to be ‘parked’ and may be liable to the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.