Traded Services

Cognus offer a variety of traded services for the purpose of providing behaviour support (see table below). These services are available at primary school level. 

Visit the website for a full look at all the services on offer (extenal link) 

For more information email or call 020 8323 0450. 


BST001. Behaviour Support. A 6 week package of support for an individual pupil. Weekly 1 hour sessions and a final report. Includes lesson observation, meeting with parents and school, pre and post assessment. 

BST002. Behaviour Support . Small group max 4 students. A 6 week package of small group support for pupils e.g social skills. A weekly 1 hour session with a final report. 

BST003. Behaviour Support Surgery. Termly behaviour link surgeries. 2 hour sessions of advice with recommendations for multiple students for multiple staff. 

BST004. Behaviour Support Link. Termly behaviour link meeting. 2 hour sessions of advice with recommendations for multiple students with 1 staff member. 

BST005. Behaviour Support. Behaviour intervention strategies to support an individual child. Initial meeting with parents and school, including a child observation in setting. A bespoke report and feedback session are provided. 

BST006. Behaviour Observation. Observation of child in setting, includes report detailing analysis of behaviour. May be used for statutory assessment. 

BST007. Behaviour Support. Whole Class. Behaviour observation for whole class teaching and strategies, includes bespoke report and feedback session. 

BST008. Behaviour Support. Meeting & Strategy. To attend multi agency meeting for children not known to the service within the last 6 months to provide strategies and assessment of suitability for direct work. 



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