For more information, including trees on plots, moving plots and constructing polytunnels/sheds, please see the Allotments Guidelines.

A plot for all needs

Full/half plots - for the enthusiastic grower we have a large number of full size plots which are 10 rods in size (250m2) allowing or the production of enough vegetables to supply a large family, or half a plot (5 rods) for the smaller family.

Mini plots 

If you are considering growing your own produce and a full size plot is just too intimidating then we have an idea that may appeal to you.  Why not try a mini plot?  A mini plot is exactly what it says, smaller than a standard plot yet a good working size and absolutely perfect for someone who doesn't have the time or inclination to start on a grand scale.

Special needs

Sutton has a specially adapted site, within Cheam Park, to suit the needs of the disabled. There are 18 plots of varying heights surrounded by a sensory garden and a model plot to help give ideas and inspiration.  Further facilities include seating, toilets and a sheltered area.

Trading facilities

For a small membership fee many allotment sites have trading huts which enable you to purchase all your gardening needs at reasonable prices and are more convenient than going to your local garden centre.

Costs from April 2020/2021

The current costs per m2 are:

  • Standard charge 36p/m2
  • Concessions 28p/m2
  • Water charge 11p/m2

The cost of a standard rate 125m2 plot is £58.75.

A concessionary rate 125m2 plot is £48.75


For Allotment keys please email or phone 020 3876 8808


Bonfires are banned on allotments from 1 April to 30 September.