We are committed to developing a cleaner, safer and less car-dominated environment throughout the borough and have set out an action plan to tackle these problems.

Sutton's draft sustainable transport strategy addresses the problems caused by petrol and diesel powered vehicles, including air pollution and global warming.

As part of our commitment, electric vehicle charging points have been installed in 2 multi-storey car parks: Gibson Road and Times Square shopper's car park which are located in central Sutton.

Times Square and Gibson Road

Parking is free whilst the car is recharging in the electric bays. The vehicle can be 100% electric or hybrid to qualify for free parking but must be charging. This can be verified by the car being plugged in to a Source London recharging point. The vehicle is only entitled to recharge during the daily operational hours of each car park and must be taken out of the car park at the end of the day.

Important: If a vehicle is left in the car park overnight then the vehicle owner should be charged the parking tariff applicable for the additional hours it has been in the car park once fully charged.

Surface Car Parks

There are electric vehicle charging points located in Wallington Library, Melbourne Road (Wallington), The Square (Carshalton) and KIngsway Road (Cheam) car parks. Parking is free whilst the vehicle is being recharged, again this can be verified by the vehicle being plugged in to the recharging point. The vehicle can be 100% electric or hybrid to obtain free parking but must be plugged in and charging. No pay and display ticket is required to be displayed. To use the recharging points you need to have a membership. Find out more at sourcelondon.