Contact the Family information Service (FiS)

There are various types of childcare available to suit your family’s needs. You can use more than one, depending upon what you need. 

Search the Family Service Directory for information on all registered childcare near you. 

Family Information Service Brokerage Service

If you are having difficulty finding childcare or accessing a particular service, you can request additional support through our free FIS Brokerage Service. You cal call 020 8770 6000 and our advisors will help you to find the childcare or service that meets your needs.

Family Information Service Outreach

You can access the Family Information Service at every Children's Centre in Sutton. 

You can ask for practical advice and information about childcare, such as:

  • returning to work
  • support with being a new parent 
  • arranging childcare for your child

Contact us 

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and can be contacted by: