Council agrees budget proposals for 2023/24

07 Mar 2023

Protecting essential services after a decade of Government cuts and investing in the borough’s future are at the heart of Sutton Council’s budget agreed last night by councillors. 

The 2023/24 budget sets out how services to the most vulnerable adults and children living in our community will be strengthened, and residents affected by the cost of living crisis will be supported.

The Council will also use its budget to invest in the borough’s future. Future plans include; the London Cancer Hub in Belmont; the regeneration of Sutton town centre; increased investment in community safety, including the roll out of more CCTV; new street lighting; and more funding for street cleaning and leaf clearance.

Since 2010/11 the Council has delivered £107 million in annual savings and has now identified a further £5.3 million in its plans for 2023/24. With over 70% of our funding coming from council tax, the assumption from the Government this year has been that councils will increase council tax by 4.99%. 

Sutton councillors agreed to increase council tax by 2.99% - well below the current rate of inflation. Sutton will also increase the 2% adult social care charge introduced by central government to ensure that services to the most vulnerable are maintained. 

The Mayor of London’s charge for Greater London Authority services is rising by 9.7% for all Londoners and is paid through residents’ council tax bills.

Councillor Ruth Dombey, Leader of the Council said:

More and more people are choosing to make Sutton their home because it is welcoming, safe, green and has some of the best schools in London.

“To meet the needs of our growing population, we are investing in our borough’s future with our latest budget plans by building new homes, creating new jobs via the London Cancer Hub in Belmont and regenerating Sutton town centre, along with improved parks, roads and street lighting. 

“We know how much our residents are struggling with the rising cost of bills and food. Everyone is having to make really tough choices. That’s why after more than ten years of government funding cuts, this budget focuses on investing in our future, supporting Sutton residents most in need and ensuring the Council’s continued financial sustainability. 

“We are taking the difficult decision to raise council tax because high inflation is affecting our costs and services, but we still want to protect our most vulnerable residents. Government funding for Sutton is not keeping up with what’s needed and the Government has made it very clear that it expects us to cover more of our costs by taxing our residents.

“This proposed increase is still well below inflation and I believe that this budget - combined with the savings proposed - will help us to navigate the financial challenges of the coming year, without cutting services to those who need them the most.

“If any Sutton resident is struggling to pay their council tax, please get in touch about our council tax support scheme and other cost of living help the Council can offer. More information is available on the Council's website."

A full meeting of Sutton Council approved the budget on Monday 6 March 2023. You can view our full Budget papers online (agenda item 6a).