A Covid Garden of Reflection is being created next to St Helier hospital. It is a space for quiet reflection, celebrating the coming together of the community, remembering those that we have lost and giving thanks to key workers.

We asked the public for reflection poems about life over the last 12 months; on the theme of the NHS, loss of a loved one and a special place to reflect. 

Congratulations to the following entrants whose poems were chosen to be displayed in the garden:

  • Jackie Beale with her poem; Remember.
  • Denise Tuck with her poem; This Bench.
  • Hannah Man with her poem; Bright
  • Olivia Chantler with her poem; The Year we call came Together
  • Toby Cranefield with his poem; To Grumpsy with Love!
  • Libby Cranefield with her poem; Recipe for a Grumpsy.

Read all the winning and runner-up poems here.

Elanor Wexler is a local botanical artist who created the beautiful artwork for the reflection poetry lecterns.

park lectern, Elanor Wexler,

Reflection Poetry Lectern 1

poetry, Sutton

Reflection Poetry Lectern 2