Creating hope through action for World Suicide Prevention Day

10 Sep 2021
This year’s theme is Creating Hope through Action. The aim is to create a movement of preventative action. Preventing suicide is often possible and we can all make a difference.
Here in Sutton, the Sutton Safeguarding Adults Board, Sutton Council and Public Health arranged a conference which took place earlier this morning. A local resident supported by the Sutton Mental Health Foundation bravely shared her experience - “From Despair to Hope”. Other organisations presenting were:

Here is how you can take part in prevention

  • Ask People how they are - you don’t need to have the answers to their problems, but making time to listen can really help
  • Helping others to seek coping techniques and avoid unhealthy behaviours
  • Spend just 20 minutes to participate in the Zero Suicide Alliance Training

At 8pm this evening, I would urge you to support the Light A Candle Campaign. Lighting a candle is an act of remembrance demonstrating support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one and for the survivors of suicide.

(Remember - do not leave a lighted candle unattended)

Some final messages

  • Suicide is not inevitable, it is preventable.
  • Everyone can help prevent suicides - a little interaction can change a life.
  • It’s ok not to be ok and to seek help for issues that are causing concern.
  • Suicide is not just a mental health issue, it is a public health issue that requires us all to work together.

Cllr Marian James


Suicide facts and figures by the International Association of Suicide Prevention, 2021