Welcome to the distance checker for school admissions. This tool provides distances from any home in Sutton to nearby schools in the area.

This includes all maintained schools in the London Borough of Sutton as well as nearby schools in Kingston, Croydon, Merton and Surrey to which you may be interested in applying. This tool is intended to help you when making school place applications.

Where applicable, we have provided previous years' distance information for Sutton schools. We are unfortunately unable to do this for other boroughs but you can contact them for this information.

Before applying for a school place, please read the guidance booklets for Starting Primary School or Transferring to Secondary School which explain each schools admissions criteria and outline how the admissions process works.

You are not guaranteed a place at your nearest school and you may be more likely to get a place at a school further away.

How to use the distance checker

1. Select the map for the type of school

Primary school distance checker

Secondary school distance checker

2. Input the first line of your address and your postcode, and click find

Example formats for address input:

Civic Centre St Nicholas Way SM1 1EA

or Civic Centre SM1 1EA

Please note:

Distance is only one of the criteria used to award school places. Please check the full admissions criteria for each school.

This tool is a guide, there may be some discrepancies due to rounding. Your official distance will not be determined until the day places are allocated.

Distances to schools outside Sutton may be approximate. Please check with other boroughs for more accurate distances.

Further information

Primary schools - reception to year 6
Infant schools - reception to year 2
Junior schools - years 3 to 6

We recommend that you compare your own distances with the furthest distance to which each school has awarded places in the last few years, where distance has been used as a criteria.