Sutton Council strives to support the planning and delivery of public events in the Borough, to encourage the success and well-being of the public at those public events, and to ensure as far as possible that any inconvenience to residents, businesses and the general public arising from events is minimised.

Sutton Council aims to ensure that all events organised in the borough:

  • take place safely
  • are well organised
  • engage all relevant stakeholders in the planning process

Sutton Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

For larger and more risky events, the event organisers event management plan will be shared with relevant Council services involved in the event and with members of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

The SAG is a multi-agency forum that provides specialist independent advice to event organisers to:

  • promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance
  • promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events
  • ensure events have a minimal adverse impact on the community

The SAG functions solely in an advisory capacity, and all legal accountability is retained by the event organiser. Members of the SAG include:

  • LB Sutton Emergency Planning Service (event safety)
  • LB Sutton / RB Kingston Environment Services (environmental health and licensing, ensuring compliance with food safety, health and safety, noise management, etc)
  • LB Sutton Building Control (advice on temporary stands, staging, demountable structures, etc)
  • LB Sutton / RB Kingston Highways and Transport (impacts on traffic and transport, road closures, etc)
  • LB Sutton Parking Services (parking suspensions/dispensations)
  • Metropolitan Police (advice on safety issues, public safety and crowd management)
  • London Fire Brigade (technical safety advice for risk specific activity and public safety)
  • London Ambulance Service (advice on safety issues, access and egress considerations, deployment of resources)

If any member of the SAG requests a meeting to be convened, or if multiple agencies/services have concerns regarding the operation of the event, then a SAG meeting will be coordinated by the Safer Sutton Partnership Emergency Planning Service.

The event organiser will be requested to attend the SAG meeting to discuss any concerns from agencies/services and to receive guidance from the SAG members to better prepare the event. The event organiser will receive recommendations to improve the running of the event and safety arrangements being put in place.