HIV services in Sutton

There are many HIV services available for people living in Sutton. Here’s a round-up of what’s available locally, as well as nationally.

Further HIV-specific information can be found at the London HIV Prevention Programme’s website.


It’s really important to make sure you get tested regularly.

The Rosehill Clinic at the St Helier Hospital offers HIV testing and counselling, as well as contraception, STI testing, and other sexual health services.

At-home testing kits are available free, which can be done privately and at your convenience:

  • if you’re living in Sutton and 16 or over, you can order your free at-home testing kit from Sexual Health London
  • if you’re living in Sutton and younger than 18, free at-home testing kits are available from or

Testing for people with symptoms

At the Rosehill Clinic doctors and specialist nurses provide STI screening and treatment. 

You can refer yourself to the clinic by completing Rosehill clinic self-referral form. A telephone consultation will then be arranged to discuss your sexual health/contraception needs.

The clinic also has a team of trained psychosexual counsellors and clinical psychologists.

The Rosehill Clinic

  • First floor, B block, St Helier Hospital
  • Wrythe Lane SM5 1AA

Appointments: 020 8296 3910

Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is HIV treatment taken as prevention and is available in Sutton.

For a PrEP consultation or to continue PrEP in Sutton, appointments are available at at the Rosehill Clinic.

SHL provides further information on PrEP and how it can be accessed in Sutton. 

Support services for people living with HIV

There are a number of services available locally to support people living with HIV, including:

Services for young people

The Getting It On website is aimed specifically at 13 to 19 year olds and has lots of great sexual health information and videos about HIV, testing and more (as well as other topics, such as STIs, relationships, mental health and more).

HIV organisations and other charities