Local Committees

Local Committees are a great opportunity to hear about issues affecting your local area. Local Committee Chairs are currently developing the agendas for each meeting and will be published on the relevant meeting page the week before the meeting.

If you are interested in getting involved, please take a look at the 'asking a question at Local Committee' page. As we trial this new meeting format you will need to submit your question in advance of the meeting. 

We are currently looking at how to improve Local Committees and will be sharing feedback forms during the meeting. We'd love to hear from you about what worked well and what you would like to see improved.

Local Committees are local meetings of local ward councillors and community representatives. They are open to the public for anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough - so why not get involved?

There are six Local Committees in the borough

Local Committees aim to:

  • give communities a bigger say over decisions affecting them
  • be more responsive to people across the borough and allow you to influence local services
  • help organisations such as the police, health and the council - work more closely together at a local level
  • provide Public Realm funding - this has included replacing old playground equipment, investing in biodiversity, purchasing new benches and fencing, and installing traffic calming measures. Each Local Committee is allocated a varying amount of funding each year based on population in each of the Local Committee areas.
  • provide funding from Neighbourhood Grants of up to £1,000 to local groups to be used to benefit the local community. This has included buying new sports kits, computers to help groups get online or helping to set up a new group.
  • provide funding from the Event Fees & Charges Grant to help offset the cost of organising community events

The ward councillors at the Local Committee meetings make the final decisions but their decisions are shaped by discussions with Community Representatives and debate with residents.

Each Local Committee meets up to four times a year in the evening at a local venue. To find out when and where your next Local Committee meeting is taking place, check the Committee Dates or subscribe online to be added to the mailing list for your Local Committee.

Each meeting follows an agenda which includes items of local interest and decisions that the council is taking locally. Read the committee minutes by looking up your committee of interest. If you want an issue discussed at your local meeting then contact your local ward councillor, or get in touch with us at localcommittees@sutton.gov.uk.

The council welcomes petitions and recognises that they are another way in which people can let Councillors know of their concerns. Detailed information about petitions has been summarised.  Petitions may be submitted in hard copy or as an e-petition.

Feedback form - Provide us your comments, suggestions, compliments & feedback on our Local Committee meetings. Complete a Feedback form online or email us at localcommittees@sutton.gov.uk.