The Children’s Trust Board have set their vision for children and young people in Sutton to be happy, safe and healthy within resilient families and for them to grow up with the skills, knowledge and attributes they will need to confident, independent and ready for adult life.

To achieve this the Children’s Trust requires all services to work together to provide a seamless offer to families and to use co-ordinated early help to prevent escalation in need within a family. 

Following a review in 2014, the Trust Board established five strategic priorities which focus the services from the Council and our partners:


  • Ensure Safeguarding;
  • Promote the Early Years and Early Development;
  • Champion Healthy Lives, Healthy Minds; and
  • Enable Success,
  • Encourage Ambition.


The Children’s Plan 2014-2017 sets out how the Council and its partners will deliver on these strategic priorities and this plan is overseen by Sutton’s Children’s Trust Board.