The grounds maintenance team maintain 93 sites (86 parks & open spaces and 7 cemeteries & churchyards) across the borough, covering approximately 438 hectares. The sites are maintained by 35 permanent members of staff and 8 seasonal staff.

Grass and hedge cutting

Visit our grass cutting page for more information on grass cutting in parks and grass verges.

Hedges are not cut between March and August because of nesting birds.

Parks locking/unlocking

Parks which are locked at night (Benhill Rec, Cheam Park & Rec, Cuddington Rec, Manor Park, Oaks Park, Overton Park, Royston Park and The Grove) are opened at 7.30am.


Our strategic parks are litter picked daily, whilst our non-strategic parks can be litter picked up to 3 times a week. 
Litter picking within playgrounds is carried out on a daily basis.
During periods of nice weather, when the parks are at their busiest, levels of litter can increase significantly. Over one sunny bank holiday weekend in Beddington Park, 260 bags of litter were removed by the grounds maintenance staff. Please ensure that all litter is disposed of in the bins provided. 


Bins are cleared as and when required.


A visual inspection of all playground equipment is carried out daily, as well as a monthly operational inspection.