Planning and Building Control application search

View or comment on applications

Using the links on this page you will be able to search for and comment on (where applicable) applications from planning, building control and enforcement within Sutton. Please see guidance below for further details

Live planning applications

Using Public Access you can search for any application both live or historic using the various search options available, you can also choose to view a list of all applications either validated or decided within a particular week. For live applications you will be able to view all drawings and documents associated with the case and submit comments for consideration (please note that you must be registered in order to comment and we do not accept comments on all case types). If you would like to know what type of comments are considered please find more information on our planning guidance page.

Historic planning applications

Historic applications can be searched in the same way live applications, however due to data protection, a number of the documents may be marked as sensitive and not available to view at present. If you wish to view documents associated with a particular case please email the following details to development management and allow up to 2 working days for access to be granted. When emailing us, please add the following:

  • email subject as 'Application Documents'
  • the application reference (ref) number
  • the address
  • all documents or particular document (eg. Decision Notice)

Video and text tutorials

See step by step guides on how to:

Register on Public Access

How to register

Anyone can create a new account free of charge. Follow these easy steps to create a new user account:

  • go to Public Access
  • click the 'Register' button on the portal homepage
  • enter your post code
  • select your address from the drop down list
  • read the terms and conditions
  • tick the box to confirm that you have read and agree with the terms and coditions
  • verify your registration by clicking the link displayed in an activation email sent to you (if you don't receive the email within 30 minutes, please check your spam folder). 

How to login

Once registered you can login to the Public Access system using your email address and password. Please note that your email address and password are case sensitive so keep an eye on upper and lower case letters.

Search for applications

There are 5 different search options on Public Access; simple, advanced, weekly/monthly lists, property and by map.

Follow these steps to search for a property or application:

  • select planning or building control from the drop down list
  • select simple or advanced search

Simple search

  • select applications, appeals or enforcements
  • in the 'Status' drop down, select 'current', 'decided' or 'all' 
  • enter the post code, road, application reference number or first line of the address in the search field
  • select the specific case or application from the results list

Advanced search

  • input the information you have in the relevant search fields
  • select the specific case or application from the results list or you can see results on a large map by clicking the 'Show results on a large map' link on the right side of the page

Viewing further details

  • once you have selected a case or application from the search results list you can view further information
  • click on the 'Summary', 'Further information', 'Contacts' or 'Important dates' tabs to see more about the case or application
  • you can also click the 'Comments', 'Constraints', 'Documents' and 'Related cases' tabs for more information
  • if you want to view the application on the map, click on the 'Map' tab

Viewing Weekly and Monthly lists

  • go to the 'Search' menu 
  • select 'Weekly/Monthly Lists' and then select from the weekly or monthly tabs
  • select the Ward from the drop down list
  • select the Week beginning from the drop down list
  • then select either 'validated in this week' or 'decided in this week'
  • you can now select from the list of results or from the map (right of the results list)

Comments on applications

To comment on a planning application online you need to register on Public Access then follow these steps:

  • use the 'simple' or 'advanced' search function to find an application
  • enter the post code, road, application reference number or first line of the address in the search field
  • select the application (with a blue 'comment' icon to the side of it) you are looking to comment on or object to from the results list
  • once selected, check the details of the application and click the 'Make a comment' button
  • select either 'Councillor' or 'Member of public' 
  • select either 'Object', 'Support' or 'Neutral' 
  • add your comments
  • submit your comment or objection

Please note that once submitted, your comments (including your name and address) will be published online.

Setting up notifications, saved searches and tracking applications

Please see this step by step video to help you track and save applications as well as set up email notifications (alerts) on Public Access.