Protecting your business

Business Continuity Management is, in short, determining how well your business could cope in an emergency situation; the process of identifying the parts of your business that it can't function without, and planning how to maintain their function in the event of an incident, minimising the adverse impacts and enabling you to recover as quickly as possible.

Why prepare?

The extent to which your business is affected by an incident and how fast it recovers depends on the amount of planning that has taken place, and putting plans in place can benefit your business in numerous ways by:

  • providing a greater understanding of your business by identifying and prioritising the key functions
  • helping your business to continue operating effectively during an incident and to recover quickly
  • reducing financial losses which may lead to business closure 
  • building or restoring customer confidence, and assuring current and potential clients that you can continue providing your services in most circumstances
  • making your business more resilient to emergencies
  • promoting confidence and reassurance within your business
  • ensuring that your business maintains a good reputation
The Business Continuity Institute provides a number of case studies ranging from actual emergency incidents to testing exercises that highlight the benefits of having a business continuity plan, and how successful they can be in an emergency situation.