Safer, Active, Greener Streets - Where is your busy spot?

18 Jun 2020

The move is the latest part of the Council’s plans for Safer, Active, Greener Streets as schools and businesses reopen in the borough after lockdown and for helping with social distancing. The Council wants as many residents, workers and visitors as possible to switch to walking and cycling to keep safe and active, as well as improve local air quality.

The tool - - is a website that allows you to leave suggestions and comments on a map of Sutton about roads or pavements where social distancing is difficult. The Government and Transport for London have announced that councils should create temporary cycleways and wider pavements to help keep people safe.

Now the Council wants your help to identify where changes are needed most. Residents and visitors can suggest a location or vote for an existing idea. The most popular ideas will be shown most prominently. The Council will then use the information to see where changes should be prioritised and bid for funding from the Government and Transport for London. 

Councillor Manuel Abellan, Chair of Sutton’s Environment Committee, said:

“The Council wants to help people stay safe as our schools and businesses reopen. 

“We are widening our pavements at busier locations to make them clear and safe for people walking. We are creating new cycle lanes to make getting about by bike safer and easier, and we are keeping traffic moving for those that need to use their cars. All of these changes will help residents stay safe and support local businesses in Sutton. 

“But we know there is much more to do. You know your local area best, so we want to hear your ideas about where walking and cycling could be made safer by widening pavements, introducing temporary cycle lanes or closing streets to stop rat-running. 

“Suggest a busy place now using the new tool. Your ideas will help shape our work on creating Safer, Active, Greener streets in Sutton.”