Saving energy and cutting carbon in Sutton

15 Mar 2021

Sutton is the first London borough to trial an innovative new zero-carbon approach to keeping homes warm and insulated. Sutton Housing Partnership has begun work on transforming up to 100 homes using the Energiesprong methodology. The transformed homes will generate most of the energy needed for their heating, hot water and electrical appliances. 

We’re also helping residents to generate more energy locally, for example through the Solar Together scheme, and are working with residents to make their homes more energy efficient.

In 2020 we teamed up with Thinking Works to support 178 residents who were unable to pay their fuel bills, with an average saving of £236 per household. After assessing each individual’s case, the team provides equipment (such as LED lightbulbs), advice and access to grants to make their homes more energy efficient.

We’re taking action to achieve net zero carbon emissions from our buildings by switching to 100% renewable electricity and installing solar arrays, and are continuing to consider the climate emergency in everything we do.

We will continue to tackle the climate emergency and deliver our Environment Strategy to prevent the worst effects of climate change on Sutton caused by flooding, heatwaves and loss of biodiversity. 

But we are facing a big challenge. More than 70% of our budget is spent on supporting Sutton’s vulnerable children and adults. Following COVID, more and more residents are needing our help.

Find out how we plan to continue to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months. 

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