A licence is required from the local authority if you wish to put a builder's skip on any part of the public highway.

Permission will be given subject to compliance with the attached conditions of consent.


Application process

To apply or extend an existing permit, please read the following information then complete the online skip licence application form.

The application form must include the precise location required and the dates when the license is granted, not exceeding 14 days.

Please note that the location of the skip may need to be amended as part of the application process to minimise inconvenience to other parties prior to consent being granted.
Details of the regulation relating to this licence can be found in the extract at the bottom of this page, this is taken from the Highways Act 1980 Sections 139 and 140.
London Borough of Sutton only issue licence to skip companies.  Applicants are required to provide evidence of £5 million public liability insurance.
Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate regulations are followed. If a skip is on the road without a licence, you may be prosecuted.

An application to place a skip on the highway must be received at least three working days before the skip is required to enable consideration of the location and preparation of the permit.

If the skip is located in an area of controlled parking or pay and display zone additional charges will be levied by Parking Services to cover the loss of income. Where this applies, this will be listed as a special requirement on the permission.

Licence Fee

Type of Licence


Skip licence application

£81.93 per licence   

Skip licence renewal                                

£46.09 per licence   

A skip licence is valid for 14 days maximum. A 14 day renewal is normally available but this is subject to the Council's discretion. A new application will be required for periods in excess of 28 days,
Additional charges may be levied if you do not comply with our conditions (see links below), in particular with regards to coning and lighting. This is to cover the Council's own additional costs where the Council has had to provide safety features themselves to ensure road safety.

Please note: If the skip is to be placed on a Red Route then the application for the Licence must be made to Transport for London. Applicants who are unsure who maintains the proposed location of their skip can contact the Highways Department (details below). A licence is not required if you wish to place a skip on private property.

Skips must be removed by the expiry date. Before starting the application, please familiarise yourself with the Skip licence conditions.

If you would like to apply for a new licence to place a skip on the public highway or you need to extend an existing licence, please use our online application form.