Sutton Council celebrates Foster Care Fortnight by recognising carers as the heart of the Sutton community

11 May 2022

Foster Care Fortnight takes place from 9 to 22 May and provides an opportunity to celebrate fostering and the impact it has upon lives. 

Sutton Council's Fostering Service have continued to provide homes to some of the borough's most vulnerable children and young people and have captured the stories of inspiring children and families.

Foster Care Fortnight’s theme this year is #FosteringCommunities and Sutton are highlighting the role that foster carers play in our community. A range of fostering families and professionals shared their experiences:

Several of our fostering families and professionals shared their experiences;

“When we first started fostering we had three siblings come to us, the youngest being three and the oldest being eight. Their lives started to change and they engaged with our birth children and it is such a joy to look back and see them now as young adults with their own lives, now in University.”

“When you see children who didn’t have much hope because they didn’t have any guidance and see how they can be encouraged to make changes in their lives and through support achieve their full potential, whatever that may be - it is wonderful.”

“As a social worker it has been amazing to see how integral foster carers become in the life of our children. These children need a sense of love and confidence to support them in becoming positive members of the community themselves - and it is foster carers who offer that and allow children that space to grow.”

For more information on Fostering in Sutton, please visit - 

Sutton is a great place to live, work and raise a family - the Council are looking to recruit foster carers from within the Borough and we need your help. Sutton Council is thankful for the support and care they offer our children in care. Sutton Fostering offers robust support to their carers. Sutton Fostering doesn't rule people out. Everyone’s individual circumstances are considered.